Šiaulių bankas issues a bond issue in the amount of EUR 10 million


On May 11th Šiaulių bankas starts public trading of the first half-year discounted bond issue in the amount of EYR 10 million in accordance with LTL 100 million non-equity securities program Šiaulių bankas AB, the base prospectus of which was approved by the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania on 11-02-2009.

Šiaulių bankas will pay 9 per cent of fixed annual interest for the new issued debt securities. The nominal value per bond - EUR 100. The smallest quantity of bonds per investor - 10 units, the biggest - 100 thou units. The bonds will be distributed at discounted price and redeemed at nominal value.

“Assessing different needs of investors, Šiaulių bankas issues a half-year discounted bond issue - this is an optimal period in terms of indefinite economic situation and attractive return on investment to potential investors. The funs received after dissemination of this bond issue will be used for the bank’s regular activities” - said Director of Treasury Department of Šiaulių bankas Pranas Gedgaudas.

The bonds are available until May 27th 2009. On the same day the redemption of the previous bond issue in the amount of EUR 8 million will be started.

According to the issue terms approved by the Bank’s Board the bank is going to list the bonds on the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius including them into Debt Securities Trading List. Also, the investors will be entitled to the possibility to submit offers to sell these bonds or acquire them in the secondary market during their validity period.

The redemption date of the debt securities is November 27th 2009. New bonds are available in the head office of Šiaulių bankas at the Securities Trading sub-division under Treasury Department (room no. 203, Tilžės str. 149, Šiauliai). The terms of bond issue are available on the bank’s website.