Šiaulių bankas is the most attractive dream employer


Every eighth inhabitant from those who participated in survey would like working at Šiaulių bankas - such data has been provided from the summarized results of survey with regard to the elections of the most attractive employer organized by the “Personnel Management Group” and international association AIESEC.

Almost four thousand respondents have participated in the elections of the most attractive companies arranged in Šiauliai as such a number of the filled blanks has been received by the organizers within a five-week period.  With the overall majority of votes and far overmatching all the competitors Šiaulių bankas has won a title of “The most attractive employer of Šiauliai’ 2007” granted to a company incorporated in Šiauliai. Šiaulių bankas has also taken one of the leading positions in another category of awards - it has also been nominated as one of the most desirable “Students’ dream employer”.

“The bank is not a sanatorium. Employees work there. However, not because they must but because they want to. Such philosophy helps us attracting and maintaining the best employees. It is pleasant that people see it as well as the fact that clever and talented young people dream about working with us. It means that generated human values allow the entire bank seeking high activity goals and good results, which in turn, motivates the employees even more,” - said the Chairman of the Board of Šiaulių bankas Algirdas Butkus.

The students of colleges and universities as well as unemployed people and those who are looking for a job have been queried while choosing the most attractive employer. The aim was to find out the company, which has the best employer’s image and applies the effective personnel management patterns. The respondent filled questionnaires both “live” and via the Internet. Providing the answer to the question where in the town they would like to work, the respondents have mentioned eight hundred companies - according to the statistics there are almost eight thousand enterprises operating in Šiauliai city and every fifth of them is constantly searching for employees.

The survey participants have also been asked to define three major factors conditioning the attractiveness of the potential employment place. According to the organizers, who refer to the research results, the following social needs are utmost important while deciding about the employer’s attractiveness: a size of a salary, working conditions and social guarantees. However, there exist other significant factors as well such as company’s image and financial success, a good leader, attitude towards employers, size of the company and its internal culture as well as friendly atmosphere in the team.
The winners, i.e. the best and most desirable employers, have been announced in three categories. Besides Šiaulių bankas, the title of the most attractive employers with the Head Office in Šiauliai has been taken by Šiauliai City Municipality and the company “Telerena” (which has been mainly called “S plius” television by the respondents). Among the most attractive working places operating in Šiauliai but incorporated somewhere else the respondents have chosen SEB bankas, “Hansabankas” and the trading network shops “BMS Megapolis”. The students indicating their dream working places have chosen such banks as “Hansabankas”, SEB bankas and Šiaulių bankas in the first place.