Šiaulių bankas is strengthening its management team


Šiaulių bankas known as a business partner for small and medium-sized business is further strengthening its staffing: the following two new bankers take up their duties in the Bank on 9 May: Vytautas Sinius will lead the newly established Corporate Banking Division in the Bank and Kęstutis Grinius will take a position of Director of Vilnius Region and Corporate Clients of the Branch.

“We welcome that professional persons having a strong expertise in financial and market sector, and the ones who are not afraid of challenges have joined the team of the Bank. I believe that they will contribute towards the improvement of services quality of the Bank and will assist in better understanding of needs of customers and will be closer to them”, says Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Audrius Žiugžda.

A professional career in managing positions of Vytautas Sinius, 34 year-old, continues for a decade and he has more than 14 years of work experience in banking sector. From 2006 to 2010 Vytautas Sinius was the Deputy President of SEB bank, the Head of Retail Banking Division and the Board member. Previously he was working in various departments of Vilnius bank and a little earlier: in the former Lithuanian Saving Bank and Lithuanian Joint-Share Innovation Bank. Before starting the work in Šiaulių bankas, V. Sinius was consulting the Board of Bank Evropeisky in Russia. V. Sinius graduated from Vilnius University, the Faculty of Economics, obtained a Master’s degree in business administration in Vytautas Magnus University and he also graduated from the Baltic Management Institute.

“I prefer higher targets, changes and challenges; I am also glad to have the opportunity to share as well as improve my work skills. I believe that my gained experience in banking sector as well as coordinated work of all team members will provide the conditions and real prospects for growth in number of customers and market share of Šiaulių bankas, and in particular it will allow to satisfy and exceed the needs of customers with flexible, fast and professional services as well as perfect service”, says the new Head of Corporate Banking Division of Šiaulių bankas.

Kęstutis Grinius also starts his work in Šiaulių bankas this week: he will take a position of Director of Vilnius region and Corporate Clients of the Branch. He started his career in SEB bankas in 2004. K. Grinius was working with corporate clients, and, recently, he was the Head of Real Estate Financing Department. Kęstutis Grinius graduated from Vilnius University, the Faculty of Economics, with the specialty of management.