Šiaulių bankas is reducing typical fees applicable to acceptance of utility bilss and is making amendments to a portion of other charges


Šiaulių bankas, launching the campaign of utility bills for the certain period of time and, thus, applying the lower fees, has approved these lower service fees as the typical ones since 01 July 2013. 

Since now the clients of Šiaulių bankas can settle their utility bills (for gas, water, electricity, heating , sanitation and other utility services) through SB linija free of charge. 

To those clients who use to settle their utility bills in cash in the bank's outlets, from the bank account or from the payment card account, the bank's typical shall be reduced by more than three times, i.e. from LTL 2.50 to LTL 0.70. Settlement of the utility bills which are accepted under the general settlement books (when several services are specified on the one page of the book) shall also decrease in price, i.e. they will cost LTL 0.70. Earlier paying in the bank's outlets a commission fee of LTL 2.50 was applied for this service. The fee of LTL 0.70 shall be applied to other  payments for various services as well id the payment is executed with the payment card of Šiaulių bankas or from the bank account in the outlets of the bank or making a settlement via the Internet through "SB linija". 

In Šiaulių bankas the utility bills can also be settled using the direct debit when the payable amount is written off the client's account.  Such service is offered by Šiaulių bankas free of charge if the service supplier concluded the direct debit agreement with the bank. The list of the service suppliers is provided here

Taking into consideration the clients' needs since 1 July Šiaulių bankas has extended the period of time for acceptance of payment orders in litas to the other banks operating in Lithuania: the ordinary payment orders shall be accepted until 02.30 pm while the urgent ones - until 03.45 pm. 

Since 01 July 2013 the application of the special service package for corporate customers and their employees has been also extended.  The exceptional conditions shall be applied until 31 December 2013 - you are welcome to address the nearest or most convenient outlet of the bank. 

Also, please be informed that since 30 August 2013 the payment order for  transfer of funds to other banks registered in Lithuania paying in cash will be charged LTL 5. Assessing the demand for urgent transactions the bank shall start rendering a new service - an urgent payment order to other banks of the Republic of Lithuania paying in cash. This service shall be charged LTL 7.