Šiaulių Bankas is Rapidly Improving The Quality of Customer Service


Customer service quality in Šiaulių Bankas exceeded the average mark of the banking sector and during the last year experienced the largest improvement among all commercial banks operating in Lithuania: this is revealed in the survey conducted in November – December 2015 by the company Dive Lietuva.

For the seventh consecutive year, research company Dive Lietuva (Slapto pirkėjo tyrimai UAB) carried out a customer service quality survey in the banking sector which covered all seven commercial banks in 2015. The study results indicate that in 2015 overall customer service quality indicator of Šiaulių Bankas scored 90.3 per cent reaching the highest level of customer servicing while the banking sector scored 87.6 per cent in average. Compared with other banks operating in Lithuania, Šiaulių Bankas has made the greatest progress over the last year: the customer service quality of the bank improved by 5.5 per cent (84.8 per cent in 2014).

“The huge progress and high quality of customer service was reached due to joint efforts of all employees and their involvement in the complex changes. During the last two years, the bank actively implemented customer service quality standard: we held special staff training, published a standard guideline We And Our Customers, developed and intensively implemented the new self-evaluation and incentive systems, and realized respective restructuring. All together we tried to become the bank where the employees are willing to work and services of which are willingly used by customers. This objective has led us to the really high quality”, - commented Daiva Šorienė, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Business Development Division of Šiaulių Bankas  on the measures that have helped to achieve such excellent results.

According to the data collected by the company Dive Lietuva during several years of studies, an indicator of the customer service quality in Šiaulių Bankas has been consistently and significantly increasing for two consecutive years: both in 2014 and in 2015, when the bank was introducing the new standard and developed the unified customer service culture, educated staff in the area of communication and co-operation as well as enhanced its customer servicing skills. Efficiency of these measures, i.e. the high service quality was soon evaluated by the customers who participated in the survey and, in terms of this criterion, have lifted the bank from the seventh to the third place.

It is significant is that in 2014, after evaluation of the customer servicing in 2013, it was noted that all the banks mostly need to improve their ability to listen to the client's needs. The fact that in 2015 Šiaulių Bankas improved this indicator by 34 per cent (from 58 to 92 per cent) is an outstanding achievement. According to the survey, looks of the employees at our bank became flawless and scored 100 per cent: this particular indicator improved by 20 per cent while the quality of the initial contact with a customer grew up by 5 per cent.

The survey carried out in the banking sector on annual basis allows Šiaulių Bankas establishing the customer service areas which are already fine and these that are still subject to improvements.  On the basis of the result the bank is working out approaches allowing more efficient internal and customer relations, is preparing staff trainings to increase their professional skills and seek for even higher servicing indicators.