Šiaulių bankas is participating in the “Praise Service” campaign


For the first time Šiaulių bankas is participating in the “Praise Service” campaign which is organized by GerasAptarnavimas.lt (the “Praise Service” campaign). For the third time already March in Lithuania is declared as the “Excellent Service Month” as during this month the campaign takes place.

An “Excellent Service Month” is the month when exclusive attention is paid to the clients’ servicing and its quality. The campaign is focused not only on the service personnel but on the clients as well as they are fostered to express their attitudes toward the quality of servicing and to share the impressions about the excellent servicing. It is a pleasure Šiaulių bankas to promote improvements of client service quality.

“It is not a secret that the “Excellent Service Month” will stimulate us gearing up more and creating cosy pleasant atmosphere. We would like to pay our attention to how we service the clients, whether we do everything to ensure good and long-term relations with existing and prospective clients and whether we put all our efforts to make client servicing irreproachable”, - says the Director of Marketing and Public Relations department of Šiaulių bankas Daiva Grikšienė.

The participation in the campaign is declared by the orange smiles, i.e. a campaign sign which is smiling on every door of Šiaulių bankas’ outlets while response boxes with the forms shall be placed inside of the branches and client service centers. Each person may express his/her response regarding the pleasant servicing. The clients may provide their praise to the particular employees, the bank or its outlets through several following ways: writing their responses on the forms placed in the bank’s outlets and putting them into the special boxes, filling the forms on www.gerasaptarnavimas.lt, sending letters via the e-mail info@gerasaptarnavimas.lt, sending SMS messages or dialing the short number 1808. All the outlets of Šiaulių bankas are participating in the “Praise Service” campaign.

The results of the March campaign shall be announced on April 9th-10th in the conference “Excellent Service Days VI” in Vilnius. There shall be announced and awarded the companies that received the most praises.