Šiaulių bankas is joining “The Kindness Day” of LNK


For the second time already Šiaulių bankas has joined the annual charity campaign organized by LNK.

The bank’s clients would be able to support the idea of this noble campaign donating their funds via the bank’s Internet service system  “SB linija”.

For the second year in turn “The Kindness Day” is devoted to those who are ill with cancer, the most severe and cunning disease nowadays, the best antidote to which is early diagnostic. Therefore, the support of all people in Lithuania is necessary to purchase the state-of the art equipment, which is so essential to the Lithuanian hospitals.

For the first time in the history of “The Kindness Day” the funds raised during the tele-marathon will be assigned even to four medical institutions: the Institute of Oncology Vilnius University, Children’s Hospital at Vilnius University, Kaunas University of Medicine and Hospital of Klaipėda University. Nine “Wings of Kindness” will be granted during “The Kindness Day” - traditionally they will be given to people who do their best to make the world brighter, warmer and better, to those people who share their kindness with those who need it most.

“Our common efforts joined for the noble purpose and the vital actions of people ill with the cancer can help fighting against this evil disease without surrendering or loosing hope. We may lighten the further life of the ill. Together with our clients we are happy having an opportunity to help the patients tortured by the oncological pain at least a little and donating for their treatment”, - said the Head of Business Development Division of Šiaulių bankas Jonas Bartkus.

On March 22nd the four-hour on-air tele-marathon “The Kindness Day” is going to be broadcasted by the LNK television. People will be able to donate not only during the on-air broadcasing but also during the several days prior and after the event, i.e. from March 16 - 24th.

The donation is very simple: write an amount you wish to donate on the website of LNK and choose the settlement via Šiaulių bankas, then press the key “Donate”. You will be addressed to the bank’s website and entering your identification data you will be able to donate money, which will be transferred to “The Kindness Day” accounts. The transfer of funds is free of charge.
During the six “Kindness Days” organized by earlier the viewers donated 6,5 million litas.