Šiaulių bankas is joining the ATM network


Starting from this October Šiaulių bankas has joined the joint ATM network of Ūkio bankas, „Citadele“ bankas, Nordea and Danske banks.

Within several coming months forty ATMs of Šiaulių bankas will be connected to the joint network of automated teller machines. It is the fourth ATM network in Lithuania by size which soon will cover 270 ATMs in forty seven towns of the country. The network is managed and administrated by the provider of electronic commerce and payment solutions “First Data Lietuva”.

“Five years ago Nordea and Danske banks operating in the Baltic States started a development project of the joint ATM network together with the “First Data Lietuva”, the success of which is witnessed by the number of banks and the ATMs joining the project. As soon as Šiaulių bankas joins the ATM network in the Baltic States, it will consists of 470 ATMs  in total while 270 of them will be available  for the clients of already five banks located Lithuania”, - states the Head of Implementation Management of “First Data Lietuva” Vygintas Rakauskas.

According to Mr.V.Rakauskas the cooperation of banks in this project enables not only improving the accessibility and quality of cash withdrawal by optimal location of ATMs but also assists in rational management of network development costs.

The cardholders of Šiaulių bankas, Ūkio bankas, „Citadele“ bankas, Nordea and Danske banks will be able using all the joint ATMs under the same conditions as applied by the bank which has issued the payment card.

“We are happy about the banks’ partnership and opportunity to join the ATM network which ensures comfortable servicing of clients, higher quality of payment card services, better access for clients to their bank accounts”, - says the Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Audrius Žiugžda.

The ATMs of the joint network are of the unified design, include the logotypes and colours of all five banks and are marked by red-blue tapes.

The implementation of the joint ATM network was started by the company “First Data Lietuva” in 2006. The ATMs of Nordea and Danske banks were connected in the first place while Ūkio bankas and „Citadele“ bankas joined the network in 2009.