Šiaulių bankas is increasing interest for deposits in litas


Starting from May 6th 2008 Šiaulių bankas increases annual interest for time deposits, time deposits with the variable interest rate and accumulative deposits in litas. Šiaulių bankas pays 6.8 per cent for one-year time deposits. Interest in euros and USD remains the same. Annual interest paid for deposits in euros - 5.9 per cent, in USD - 4.7 per cent.

The clients of Šiaulių bankas may receive the biggest interest of 7.3 per cent placing time deposits with the variable interest rate for a five-year period. The bigger interest rate is also applied to those depositors who place a deposit via the Internet using e-banking service system “SB linija”. The depositors who acquire “Visa Electron” or “Maestro” payment cards are entitled to 0.2 per cent higher interest than it is applied at the bank at that time.

“Significant jumps of inflation and fluctuations in share markets force our residents to search for various saving alternatives. We have noticed that more and more people return to the conservative, long-term however reliable way to accumulate their funds - i.e. deposits”, - said Donatas Savickas, Head of the Finance and Credit Division of Šiaulių bankas.

After the first quarter of 2008 the amount of deposits with Šiaulių bankas reached almost LTL 1,3 billion.