Šiaulių bankas is changing interest rates for deposits


Since 3 April 2015  Šiaulių Bankas is changing interest rates for all type of deposits. Depending on a deposit type, its currency and maturity, rates are decreasing by 0.2 or increasing by 0.1 percentage points respectively.

Those who place a time deposit in euros, USA dollar or in the Great Britain's sterling pounds for a period exceeding 3 months will be subject to interest rates between 0.1 to 1.1 per cent.

Taking into account international and local financial markets environment interest for time deposits placed for a period shorter than three months that lack popularity among the clients as well as for saving deposits will not be paid at all.

We expressly draw customers' attention that placing time deposits via the Internet for the period of 12 month or longer and choosing to receive interest at the end of maturity they will receive 0.1 per cent higher interest than standard annual interest rates. Choosing to receive interest on monthly basis, the interest rate for the deposits will be by 0.1 per cent lower both in the bank's customer service points and via the SB linija.

The exact time deposit interest can be calculated using a time deposit interest calculator entering a deposit amount, period and chosen currency.