Šiaulių bankas is changing and introducing its new Internet face


Šiaulių bankas has updated its Internet site - now it has become concentrated, dynamic, providing clear information and fostering to act.

"While creating the new site we have been following the new tendencies.  From now on our bank will welcome the clients not only on  the modernly designed website  with the functional and organic structure but also with more intuitive navigation, clearer and easier accessible information.   We've aimed at making our new website friendly, paid much attention not only to focusing on clients' needs but also to meeting them in reality", - says Daiva Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Communication Department of Šiaulių bankas.

The concept of the bank's site is based on a new principle - it presents not the particular banking services but the services as a whole. Thus, we seek covering various stages of needs of individual clients and companies as well as real life situations when the clients need certain banking services and what these services should precisely be. The exceptional layout of the content  alongside with the peer tone of speaking emphasizes not a particular service, not the technical information attributes, but the value received by the client, i.e. how the client should live economically, how the one should save for studies, invest into household, acquire a chosen item, and invest in the market, etc. Therefore, all the banking services have been creatively combined and conveniently classified into four key categories according to the clients' needs: "Daily operations", "Interested in Borrowing", "Interested in Saving", "Interested in Ivestments".

We kindly invite to pay your attention not only to the amended structure of the content. Another noteworthy innovation -  modernly designed graphic style of the website - a simple and intuitive representation of information. The structure of the site resembles the magazine principle, the content is introduced through the design and widely used info-graphics.  The most important information which is usually searched by the clients is distinguished into separate blocks on the key window - it is visually easily perceived and delivered according the the quick link principle.

"We've taken into account the clients' need to find the key information quickly - thus, one click of the button will lead them straight from the key window to the most topical sections. Info-graphical illustrations allow creating visual associations and deliver information more precisely. This goal has been achieved through laconic descriptions, brief and clear texts by changing the banking language into understandable “human language", - says Daiva Grikšienė.

The website is created using the brand colours of Šiaulių bankas - deep blue, golden and silver - which allow the clients easily recognizing the bank and appropriately selecting already known or required products and services.   The part of the information provided on the website, for example, the exchange rates or information of the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius stock exchange is updated automatically.  Besides, from now on Šiaulių bankas shall provide information not only in Lithuanian and English but also in the Russian language.

The demand for information is increasing, therefore, Šiaulių bankashas adjusted its website to mobile telephones and tablet PCs in order to receive the necessary banking information and news anywhere and at any time.

Let us browse in the new bank's website right now - you will find our updated web space easy and interesting!