Šiaulių Bankas is among the leaders by the customer service quality


Last year the customer service quality indicator of Šiaulių Bankas reached a record  of 98.1 per cent and significantly exceeded the average of overall level of banking services in Lithuania (87.7%). Similarly to the results of survey conducted in 2016, the quality of servicing provided by Šiaulių Bankas ranked second with the higher evaluation given to almost all criteria.

"We pay much attention to the customer service and, therefore, are pleased observing that our efforts have brought the outstanding results. Not only the results of the survey but also feedback from our customers indicate that we are on the right way -  better understanding our clients' needs we reasonably offer the right financial solutions", -said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas, Head of Business Development Division Daiva Šorienė.

According to D.Šorienė in order to better assess the service criteria to be improved, the bank constantly invests in various quality surveys, regularly trains customer service personnel, and applies innovative customer service solutions.

The survey included various customer service criteria such as evaluation of environment  at the banking unit, appearance of a servicing employee, ability to start a contact, clarification of the client's needs, communication skills, provision and reasoning the offer, extra sales, and the end of the contact.

The results showed that almost all assessed criteria of Šiaulių Bankas reached 90% and more.

According to Dive Lietuva, in 2014 Šiaulių Bankas customer service quality indicator was 84.8 per cent, in 2015 – it reached 90.3 per cent, and in 2016 - increased to 95.7 per cent. The total score of the customer service quality assessment  in Lithuania dropped  by 1.8% percentage point to 87.7 per cent.

The Secret shopper's survey was conducted in five major cities randomly selecting the bank's units.