Šiaulių bankas is among the best assessed workplaces


In the National Responsible Business Awards for the 9th time held by Social Security and Labour Ministry, Šiaulių bankas received a high evaluation.

Šiaulių bankas, applicant for “Employer of the Year 2015” nomination (in the large companies category), received a special certificate “For introduction of employees’ mutual service quality and performance assessment system”.

In total, 14 applications for “Employer of the Year” nomination were submitted, 4 companies received special certificates in the large companies category.

“We aim to become one of the most exemplary workplaces in Lithuania. To achieve this, we create environment based on common values ​​and supportive work, encourage employees' motivation and self-realization, foster a culture of teamwork. It is gratifying that the efforts attract assessment: the received certificate shows that we are on the right track”, said Šiaulių bankas Chief Executive Officer Vytautas Sinius.

National Responsible Business Awards organized by Social Security and Labour Ministry this year have been held already for the ninth time. In total, there were 35 applications for “Employer of the Year”, “Social Company of the Year”, “Environmental Company of the Year” nomination. The companies competed in 3 different categories: very small, small and medium-sized companies and large multinational companies and their affiliates.