Šiaulių bankas is actively entering into the international market


Seeking to finance more and various projects as well as support more rapid economic growth in Lithuania, Šiaulių bankas is expanding its opportunities in attracting foreign financial funds. With this purpose Deputy CEO, Head of Finance and Credit Division of Šiaulių bankas, Donatas Savickas made a presentation on the Bank’s activities and overview of banking system in Lithuania during the conference “Northern lights” held in Copenhagen.
The conference has been organized by HSH Nordbank, which is the partner of Šiaulių bankas. Its aim was to summon the financial institutions that are interested to develop their financial resources in one place and to provide them with the opportunity to present their banks to the active participants of the syndicated loan market. Besides Šiaulių bankas the banks from Norway, Denmark and Iceland made presentations on their activities, development plans and prospects. In the capital of Denmark the representatives of these banks had opportunity to establish relationship and discuss collaboration with half a hundred of representatives of financial institutions, which are influential and have high reliability ratings in Europe.

Sharing his impressions after the business event with such a symbolic name “Northern lights”, Head of Finance and Credit Division of Šiaulių bankas Donatas Savickas said that a syndicated loan allows receiving a bigger credit than it would be possible to get from one bank. Therefore it according to the representative of Šiaulių bankas is “convenient and obviously useful when it is projected to increase the Bank’s resources and to finance bigger projects”.
At the moment Šiaulių bankas has already attracted EUR 24 million of long-term resources trough the syndicated loans.