Šiaulių Bankas hopes that the first encounter of young people with the economics will be realistic and captivating


Part of the country's schools started a new school year with a pleasant surprise - Šiaulių Bankas handed them a present Economics in 31 Hour, a textbook of an attractive content promoting critical thinking and wrecking the myths. This textbook has been issued by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute in 2015 and approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Lithuania.

In September, Šiaulių Bankas visited part of Lithuanian secondary schools and gymnasiums with the presents - forty two schools located in Šiauliai, Klaipėda, Kaunas, Vilnius, Anykščiai, Ukmergė, Radviliškis and Šilutė regions and Palanga town have received a modern textbook  of a lively content Economics in 31 Hour.

The above mentioned economic textbook is supposed not only to provide knowledge for young people but also to teach them to independently and critically evaluate national and global economic realities. A fairly small number of schools - only one third -  has acquired this book before the beginning of the school-year. This  prodded Šiaulių Bankas to present the innovative economic textbooks for 9-10 forms to those schools that are the bank's clients and the modest budgets of which does not allow them to acquire these books themselves.  This was the banks way to congratulate the schools with the beginning of the new school-year and to take an opportunity to express its gratitude for cooperation.

"Economics is an evolutionary science. It is a very lively constantly changing phenomenon finely interlaced by causal relations where often a barely noticeable event in the world triggers another one which,, step by step causes a chain of events until the whole world market is moved making an impact on many people's lives. Economics is far from being dry and boring. So is the textbook. We do expect that this economic textbook will teach young people to notice, understand, predict and  appropriately react to a situation, also, to replace stiff attitude and patterns of behaviour where necessary, and to develop other qualities that help a person grow and the community and the country  prosper", - says Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių Bankas Vytautas Sinius

Donating Economics in 31 Hour to schools, Šiaulių Bankas hopes that the first consistent acquaintance of the students with industrial relations and society's economic life will be realistic and captivating, so that they could learn to come to well-based findings in the future and make financial decisions leading to desired goals.

"We, the same as publishers, would like to assist the youth in perceiving causes and effects of the economic development as it may have a huge impact on their future. If any of the bank's customers couldn't afford this modern training aid  can we simply  sit back and wait?" - Vytautas Sinius commented on the boost to contribute to the educational project.

Along with the new textbooks the teachers will get the opportunity to join an interactive teacher's book and use it for one academic year. Taking into consideration demand and benefits of the textbook some of the bank's employees personally have sponsored additional books and handed those training aids as presents to the chosen educational institutions. 

This initiative of Šiaulių Bankas bearing educational character is not solitary.  The bank participates in such events as  Verslas Veža organized by Versli Lietuva VšĮ conducted to promote young people's  entrepreneurship, contributes to targeted financing of Šiauliai University students and annually grants nominal scholarships to students of Vytautas Magnus University for academic achievements. Recently the bank  supported the book  "Utena's College. Steps of Time " issued by the Utena College,  issue of the  book" Strategic Management " published by Vilnius University as well as other educational projects.