Šiaulių bankas has made a presentation to investors


Šiaulių bankas has presented the strategic trends of its activities as well as the projected outlook in the listed companies’ meeting with the investors arranged by Vilnius Stock Exchange (VSE). The potential investors have been introduced with the bank’s financial ratios, share price dynamic, ratings, plans and development opportunities.

It has been emphasized in the presentation, which has attracted a huge number of investors and financial market specialists’ interest, that Šiaulių bankas will remain consistent and loyal to its underlying trend of activity, i.e. it will foster the development of small and medium-sized business and seek to improve the business environment in the country. Recently the bank has been actively strengthening its capital base, paying much attention to the development of the regional outlets’ network and intensively collaborating with the foreign partners.

Since December 11th 2006 Šiaulių bankas’ shares have been quoted on the Main Trading List of Vilnius Stock Exchange. On July 2nd this year the bank’s shares were admitted to the trading index of the securities market of the Baltic States OMX Baltic 10 (OMXB).