Šiaulių bankas grants its clients with bigger deposit interest


Reacting to the changeable trends in financial markets Šiaulių bankas known as a partner for small and medium-sized business is correcting its deposit interest. The Bank has decided to increase its deposit interest in litas and euros by 0.25-0.50 percentage point while in dollars from 0.5 to 0.7 percentage point depending on the term. The new annual interest becomes effective from February 9th.

The increase of the deposit interest rate will strengthen financial possibilities of rapidly growing Šiaulių bankas and its position in the market. Moreover, a decision to pay higher interest is gratitude of Šiaulių bankas which celebrates 15 year anniversary this year to the clients for their trust.

Last time Šiaulių bankas corrected its annual interest rates in October last year. As of December 31st 2006, the deposits with the Bank comprised LTL 921,499 million – the funds kept as deposits have increased by 24 per cent during the year.