Šiaulių bankas granted the grand prize of the deposit campaign to the senior from Kaunas while the additional prizes went to 200 bank's depositors througout Lithuania


It seems that a name "Pranciškus" brings luck this year - the Roman Catholic Church has elected the pope Pranciškus (Francis) and Šiaulių bankas has draw the lots to find out the winner of the grand prize - 10 thousand litas - of the time deposit campaign "Win the Chest of Golden Coins". The prize went to Pranciškus Demenis from Kaunas. 

"After the call from the bank's representative I was thinking all weekend round if this news wasn't a joke or cheating. As far as I hadn't the prize in my hands I didn't want to plan where I was going to use the winning. But now I'm sincerely grateful for such unexpected stroke of luck, - says the grand prize winner P. Demenis. - We are planning to use these funds to repair our house".

Fortune has been favourable to Pranciškus - he said that over his life he had won a telephone, TV set, other household items as well as other smaller monetary prizes. The man of the honourable age told he has always been an economic man. Though he has financially suffered from the banks’ collapse, he is still aware that the safest way to save is to place the deposit with the bank.

The prize fund of the five-month long campaign was accumulated from the bank's own funds - the increasing number of clients who placed the time deposits or extended their deposit agreements in litas and euros for the period longer than 6 months over the period of campaign led to the rapid increase of the prize fund. The prize fund of 50 thou litas was accumulated in the very middle of the campaign.

The additional prizes of LTL 200 were granted to 200 depositors of Šiaulių bankas all over Lithuania: to 14 depositors from Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Vilnius, 10 depsoitors from Alytus, Palanga, Panevežys, Radviliškis and Utena, 6 - from Biržai, Druskininkai, Mažeikiai, Telšiai and Vilkaviškis, 5 - from Anykščiai, Birštonas, Kelmė, Kuršėnai, Marijampolė, Plungė, Tauragė and Visaginas, and 4 - from Jonava, Kėdainiai, Kupiškis, Rokiškis, Šilutė and Ukmergė.

The campaign "Win the Chest of golden coins" was launched by Šiaulių bankas in 2011 for the first time and the grand prize went to the long-time depositor of Šiaulių bankas residing in Šiauliai region. In 2012 the prize of 10 thou litas was granted to the couple of seniors in Rokiškis region.