Šiaulių bankas granted a nominal scholarship to the third VMU student


Fostering the youth to strive for the best study results, Šiaulių bankas has founded a scholarship and awards the mots advanced students of Vytautas Magnuns University (VMU) twice a year.  During the meeting of the Rectors Head of Kaunas region Mindaugas Plečkaitis granted already the third nominal scholarship to Gintarė Novikaite, the first year master student of the Marketing and International Commerce studies at the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management.

"I found out about the assigned scholarship only three days before granting so  it was a big and very pleasant surprise, - said G. Novikaitė. - I am going to spend the scholarship for the double-diploma studies at the KU Leuven University, Belgium where I will gain the master in Business Management. Though it is hard to speak about the far future, however, I do hope to return to Lithuanian after my studies in Belgium and to pursue my professional career here  in my homeland.

Gintarė, who comes from Tauragė and currently studies in Kaunas,  was a bright student not only at school which she graduated from with honours but also during her bachelor's studies  - her final bachelor work got the highest possible evaluation.

Head of Kaunas region of Šiaulių bankas Mindaugas Plečkaitis has been pleased to hand the scholarship to the gifted student who successfully studies in Lithuania and is going to continue her education in the old Leuven university which is considered to be one of the best universities in Europe.  

"What can be more meaningful than to provide a financial support  and assistance to a young ambitious person  who is seeking for her fine goals and dreams to come true", - said M.Plečkaitis.

A nominal scholarship of Šiaulių bankas is granted  for academic achievements and constant striving for improvement in the field of studies. The first nominal scholarship was granted to Rima Partauskaitė, the first year master‘s student of the the Finance and Banking studies at the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management in March 2013, the second one went to Kristina Katkutė  studying under the psychology bachelor study program in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The beginning of the close partnership between Šiaulių bankas and Vytautas Magnus University goes back to spring of 2013 when, after signing a cooperation agreement, both institutions undertook to strive for synergies between business skills and scientific knowledge.