Šiaulių bankas draws residents’ attention to the increased fraud cases and encourages them to be more cautious


Currently a number of attempts when unconscientious persons are seeking to gain advantage from trustful people is increased. Dishonest people having found out e-banking passwords, user’s PIN codes and other data are taking credits, use lease services and commit other financial crimes.

Šiaulių bankas draws attention  that such activity when people are persuaded  to open bank account on their behalf, conclude e-banking service agreement and reveal their confidential personal identification information (e-banking user’s codes) is intolerable and illegal.

The Bank asks people not to be tempted with the reward (more often amounting to some ten of Litas) offered by fraudsters ant not to make problems to themselves: any disclosure of confidential data provides a possibility for dishonest people to find out information about the client’s bank account, use it and also put safety of funds to danger.

“Such trustfulness can cause serious consequences, damage calculated in thousand Litas and make endless debts. In this case only cautiousness and watchfulness can prevent from fraud. People must behave responsibly, save their rights and not to forget the principle of safe internet banking, which certifies that only a client and the bank have a right to know the instruments for the authorization process”, said the Director of Prevention Department of  Šiaulių bankas Alvydas Remiečius.

Mostly victims of fraudsters are poor, asocial persons and the ones having no fixed abode, which are asked to open bank account on their behalf, conclude e-banking service agreement for the “purpose” of transferring money via Internet. Šiaulių bankas emphasizes that for transferring money to the client’s account e-banking login is not necessary - it is enough to know a bank account.

According to the Law on Money laundering and terrorists financing, in case of suspicious operation or cases of fraud, the Bank has a right to stop or restrict the implementation of such operation. Providing financial operations, Šiaulių bankas is following the principle “Know Your Client”, therefore, having received the information that customers can be unfairly treated, the Bank immediately takes strict actions and informs law enforcement authorities on the possible criminal acts. There were cases in Šiaulių bankas when employees prevented possible financial crimes.

“Cases of fraud each time take different expression and more modern form. Major part of victims even does not suspect at the beginning that quick credits were taken on their behalf. People discover about the fact that they owe big sums of money after quick credits companies contact them: in these case problems can not be solved. Only a person can protect himself from fraudsters. Thus, in case of a small suspicion that your data could be used by other persons do apply to the police or the bank”, states the Director of Prevention Department Alvydas Remiečius.

Seeking for clear cooperation between the Bank and customers as well as aiming to prevent not only fraud but also illegal use of payment instruments and data, Šiaulių bankas is always checking the information of clients and the one received from other sources and instructing the employees. The Bank encourages people to protect and not to reveal their information of Internet banking to other persons no matter what reasons could be declared to them, while in case of loss of documents inform law enforcement authorities and the Bank.