Šiaulių bankas' clients donated their first thousand litas through the system "Aukok.lt"


The first months of the cooperation of Šiaulių bankas and donation portal Aukok.lt resulted in donations of several thousand litas made by the bank's clients via SB linija to various projects.

"We have to be nice to each other, empathic and understanding all 365 days round. However, the facts show that the Lithuanians more actively participate in various initiatives at the end of the year before the seasonal holidays. If a person is full of good intentions, desires and opportunities to help - any time is appropriate for donation and it can be easily performed connecting to the portal "Aukok.lt" via Šiaulių bankas' Internet banking system", - says Daiva Grikšienė, Director of Marketing and Communications Department of Šiaulių bankas.

According the the team of "Aukok.lt" "none of the donation is too small and each donation is necessary for implementation of the social aid projects. Every donated litas can help a child to grow up, a broken man to get back to his life and a homeless animal to find warm home”.

The clients of Šiaulių bankas can donate a desired amount of money very easily and quickly - it takes only 10 seconds to donate via the Internet banking. By the way, it is possible to donate to several projects at a time by choosing the link "donate to several projects" on the SB linija.

More than 100 thou clients use the Internet banking system of Šiaulių bankas. Therefore, we sincerely believe that the vast majority of clients visiting the portal "Aukok.lt" will find whom to share their kindness with.