Šiaulių bankas changes the typical fees applied to some of the services


With respect to recommendations provided by the Bank of Lithuania Šiaulių bankas changes some typical fees applied to the part of transactions in cash.  Since 6 November 2013 Šiaulių bankas will not apply cash recalculation and/or credit fee if the customer submits cash in the bank's outlet and executes payment order (transfers the credited amount) into the account with Šiaulių bankas or another bank. 

Since 05 January 2014 a new typical fee for purchase of worn-out euros and UDA dollar banknotes will come into force - the fee shall reach 6 per cent of the total amount.

Various means of communication become more and more popular, so, in order to save the precious time and money the customers can handle their everyday financial matters quickly and easily using the advantages of the electronic means  in any corner of the world where they can have access to the Internet. Using the Internet banking system  of Šiaulių bankas "SB linija" the customers can settle the utility bills (for gas, water, electricity, heating, sanitation and other utility services) without any charge wile paying for the other services they will be subject to the fee of LTL 0.70.

Those who wish to pay for utility, telecommunication, insurance, financial and other services, can do it free of charge in Šiaulių bankas through a direct debit service when the due amount is automatically debited from the customer's account.  Such service is offered by Šiaulių bankas if a service supplier has concluded a direct debit service agreement with the bank.