Šiaulių bankas and Vytautas Magnus University are building bridges of collaboration


Šiaulių bankas and the academic community of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) have signed the collaboration agreement and are starting the close cooperation. Such cooperation between the bank and university is focused on the front-rank objective, i.e. on cooperation of business skills and scientific knowledge. 

The collaboration agreement signed by Šiaulių bankas and VMU shall lead to the reduction of a gap between science and business, foster cooperation while initiating and implementing the mutual projects, increasing practical competences of the students, improving their practical skills as well as the quality of studies and shall allow developing qualified employees and applying innovations.

„We‘re all aware that it‘s critically important to possess the information on what is topical to the business and labour market nowadays as well as to dispose the most recent scientific knowledge. Inspired by these needs we’re seeking for the closer collaboration with the high schools. We‘re planning the intensive exchange of knowledge in the form of the collaboration between Šiaulių bankas and the academic youth which, no doubt, will consolidate the theoretical knowledge with the practical experience and , thus, open the fine prospects to both, promotion of a career and implementing the innovative business ideas“, - said Šiaulių bankas CEO Audrius Žiugžda.

„We‘ve been speaking since the very autumn that it would be quite strange not to have the agreement with Šiaulių bankas when the graduates of the university work there and even run the bank. By this agreement we declare that VMU is open to business in various forms, therefore, business can find things that are necessary and interesting in the university“, - was speaking the VMU rector prof. Zigmas Lydeka during the signature of the agreement.

The Meeting of the VMU Council during which the collaboration agreement between the bank and university was signed, became very important to one of the students. Rima Partauskaitė, the first year master‘s student of the continuous education under the Finance and Banking study programme at the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management, was granted a nominal scholarship of Šiaulių bankas. The scholarship was granted for the academic achievements and high aspirations in the field of finance and banking studies.

Granting of scholarships to the best VMU students is foreseen in the signed bilateral agreement of collaboration. Moreover, after the spring semester this year, Šiaulių bankas is planning to grant another nominal scholarship to the Vytautas Magnus University student for his/her splendid study results.