Šiaulių bankas and the Northtown Technology Park


Šiaulių bankas together with the public company Northtown Technology Park (NTP) has finished a several-month cycle of free trainings called “Financial services for Students of Exact and Tech Sciences to Start Business”.

The trainings included various useful topics such as advantages of individual business and opportunities of its funding, the first steps establishing a private company, sate support provided to those who are to start their own business, tax exemptions, opportunities to acquire credits as well as state guarantees, banking services, basis for successful investments, etc.

“Experience gained by the youth during the seminars, examples of successful business people and useful pieces of advice are fostering students’ enthusiasm, inspire with new ideas and encourage to develop responsibility and take particular actions making the dreams and business ideas come true. The main goals of the trainings were to encourage entrepreneurship and to provide analysis of favourable conditions to the young people to start their own business”, - said Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Viktoras Budraitis.

The aim of this project to foster entrepreneurship providing business support services and making favourable conditions to start and develop business served the purpose. More than four hundred students from Vilnius University, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Kaunas Technological University participated in the seminars. Lectures and practical workshops were conducted by financial specialists and other lecturers. Besides, trainings were participated by the professionals from Šiaulių bankas who had shared their experience and skills with the academic youth. The project has been funded from the EU structural funds and a part of the funds has been donated by Šiaulių bankas.

It is not he first time when Šiaulių bankas arranges a project to foster the young people’s entrepreneurship. For the several years already Šiaulių bankas is a patron of the premium for “The best project to the town and business” established by Šiauliai City Municipality, the Association of Šiauliai Industrialists and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts. The bank seeks not only stimulate the development of small and medium-sized business but also to encourage the young generation to go into business.