Šiaulių bankas and LNK are inviting to donate for those who are ill with cancer


This year for the first time the client of Šiaulių bankas have an oportunity to contribute to the charity project “Kindliness Day” arranged by LNK donating money via the bank’s e-service system “SB linija” until March 12th.

The topic of the “Kindliness Day”, which has been organized for the sixth spring already, is early diagnostics of oncological diseases. The donated money shall be allocated to purchase the lacking modern diagnostic equipment to Vilnius University Oncological Institute and the Oncological Centre of Kaunas Medical University.

The charity tele-marathon “Kindliness Day” shall be on LNK on March 10th. Therefore, the clients of Šiaulių bankas are able to transfer their funds for this project from  March 5th to 12th.

Choosing on of the following ways you may easily and quickly transfer the funds directly to the mentioned institutions:

1. Press an advertisement shield of the “Kindliness Day” on the LNK website, choose the payment via Šiaulių bankas and write the amount you wish to donate. A window to connect to “SB linija” opens by pressing the menu section “Aukoti” (Donate). After connecting to “SB linija”, choose the account you wish on the formed payment order and sign the payment.
2. After connecting to “SB linija”, prepare a transfer form (Operations → Transfer in litas) where you should specify the following data:
Beneficiary: Vilnius University Oncological Institute
Beneficiary’s address : Santariškių st. 1, Vilnius, Lithuania
Beneficiary’s registration No.: 111959420
Beneficiary’s account number: LT78 7180 3000 0034 5059
Beneficiary’s bank: AB Šiaulių bankas
3. You may also donate choosing the local transfer on the bank’s e-service system “SB linija” or in all the outlets of Šiaulių bankas bringing money in to the charity beneficiary’s account LT78 7180 3000 0034 5059.

Last year the residents of Lithuania donated a record amount of LTL 1 617 345 to the accounts of the “Kindliness Day”.