Šiaulių bankas among the most attractive Šiauliai employers for the second year already


For the second year already Šiaulių bankas has been awarded as “The most attractive employer of Šiauliai’ 08”. Last year identified as the most attractive employer of Šiauliai city the bank has taken the honorable third place this year.

In the elections of the most attractive employee organized by “Šiaulių personalo valdymo grupė” (Šiauliai personnel management group) UAB and the international students’ association AIESEC for the second time already the most attractive employers were nominated in three business sectors: servicing, manufacturing and trading. In servicing sector the first award went to “Telerena” UAB (“Splius”), in manufacturing sector - to “Grafų baldai” UAB, in trading - to “Karmada” UAB trading in plumbing accessories. The nomination “The students’ dream employer” which went to Šiaulių bankas last year was given to  “Telerena” UAB (“Splius”) this year.
The elections of the most attractive employer received favourable evaluation from both - business and municipality’s representatives - the project won an award from the Municipality of Šiauliai city as the best project “For business and city”.

“The fact that the name of Šiaulių bankas has been mentioned among the most attractive and desirable employers is very big and very pleasant evaluation. Events of such a type are requisite and useful as they allow taking a look from aside. It is pleasant that not only existing and potential employees evaluate the bank positively but the former ones also have nice recollections”, - said the Head of the Business Development Department of Šiaulių bankas Jonas Bartkus.

According to the organizers the election of the most attractive employer has been based on a new methodology this year. Last year surveys were focused mainly on students, young people and those searching for a job. This time much attention has been paid to the opinion of the company’s employees, which gives the opportunity to receive much more objective results. The employers independently of their company size and name had equal chances for winning and self-assessment. While choosing the most attractive employer the present, former and potential employees were questioned.

Assessing the attractiveness of employers the following factors were predominating: salary size, work conditions, management, inter-relationship, internal image and reputation of the company, external image of the company, career and development, loyalty, stability and growth of the organization, and social responsibility towards people, society and nature.

It is likely that elections of “The most attractive employer” become a nice tradition of employers and employees in Šiauliai city, which could be caught on by other Lithuanian towns as well.