Šiaulių bankas accepts the applications for the housing renovation


Šiaulių bankas starts accepting the applications for credits for Modernisation of Multi-apartment Buildings from the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the JESSICA programme.

Associations of owners of multi-apartment buildings and administrators of common use objects in the residential multi-apartment houses can apply for credits for renovation of residential multi-apartment buildings. Submitting the applications the investment plan of Renovation of Multi-apartment Buildings shall be approved by the associations of owners of multi-apartment buildings and coordinated with the Housing and Urban Development Agency.

Funds intended for a new Programme for the Modernisation of Multi-apartment Buildings are allocated from the State budget, Structural Funds of the European Union and EIB funds through the holding fund. Pursuant to the terms of agreement Šiaulių bankas will allocate the loans in a total amount of EUR 6 million (more that LTL 20 million) for the Modernisation of Multi-apartment Buildings. The owners of multi-apartment buildings will access to credits at 3 per cent annual interest rate.

The ones wishing to modernise the old multi-apartment buildings shall apply to the nearest outlets of Šiaulių bankas.