Šiaulių bankas accepts deposits with the higher interest


Starting July 9th Šiaulių bankas pays the higher interest to the clients who place time and accumulative deposits as well as time deposits with variable interest rate. Depending on the term of deposit, the interest has been increased up to 0.3 per cent for the deposits in litas and euros.

A maximum interest rate for a one-year time deposit in euros or litas reaches 4.6 per cent at the moment. However, if the customer placing this deposit for one-year period will acquire a payment card of “Visa Electron” or “Maestro” group, the bank is to offer the higher annual interest of 4.8 per cent. The annual interest of 4.9 per cent plus the additionally paid fixed bonus is estimated for a five-year time deposit with the variable interest rate. The annual interest rate for a one-year accumulative deposit has bounced up to 4.3 per cent in the middle of the summer.
The clients of Šiaulių bankas may enter into the agreements regarding time and accumulative deposits using the Bank’s Internet Service System “SB linija” and have a chance to gain even the higher interest by 0.1 per cent this way than it is defined in the Standard Interest Table.
Reacting to the general trends in the financial market and taking into consideration the needs of those wishing to save, Šiaulių bankas has corrected the deposit interest for the third time this year.
In the middle of this year the clients of Šiaulių bankas kept LTL 1.1 billion in deposits with the bank. During the last year the savings trusted by the habitants to the bank have increased  more than by one third.