Siauliu bankas accepts deposits in six currencies


Since 2012 time deposits in Siauliu bankas can be placed not only in litas, euros or USA dollars, but also in Great Britain’s pound sterling, Norwegian krone and Swiss francs. 

“Traditionally the deposits are remaining as the most popular investment instrument, so we’re expanding their supply and offering the bank’s client to save in currency which is most acceptable to them, - says Arunas Uzupis, the Head of Retail banking division of Siauliu bankas. - As we all know many compatriots are working in Great Britain and Norway, therefore it would be very convenient to them placing the deposits with Siauliu bankas in the currency they have earned. Our clientele is also interested in the stable economic environment and financial system in Switzerland, thus, starting the New Year we are offering an opportunity to save in Swiss francs as well”.
For example, placing the deposits in pound sterling for a one-year period the depositors are to receive 1,8 per cent  of annual interest while 2,45 per cent is paid for deposits in krone and 1,3 per cent -  for the deposits placed in francs.
In Siauliu bankas a period of the time deposits placed in Great Britain’s pound sterling, Norwegian krone and Swiss francs can be selected starting from a month and up to one year, while in litas, euros and USA dollars -  a period of deposit starts from one week  and lasts up to five years.
Since January 2nd 2012 Siauliu bankas has increased the annual interest rates applied to the time deposits in litas and euros placed for a short period. Currently, the interest paid for the three-months deposits in national currency reaches 2 per cent and 1,6 per cent is paid for the deposits in euros.
The exact deposit interest can be calculated using a deposit interest calculator on the website of Siauliu bankas after entering a deposit amount, period and selecting the currency.
We would like to remind that all deposits with Siauliu bankas are insured in the State Undertaking “Insurance of Deposits and Investments”.