Šiaulių bankas accepts all deposits in litas, euros and US dollars


Starting from 2nd of June, 2008 Šiaulių bankas accepts time deposits with the variable interest rate as well as accumulative deposits not only in litas and euros but also in US dollars.

For the time deposits with the variable interest rate placed in US dollars for the longest five-year term Šiaulių bankas pays 5.2 per cent of annual interest while for one-year accumulative deposit in US dollars the bank pays 4.4 per cent. Interest paid for these types of deposits placed in litas and euros remains the same.

“Earlier the depositors had possibility to place US dollars only as a time deposit. However we have decided to increase the range of possibilities while choosing a currency for saving. Since now all five types of deposits are accepted in three currencies: in litas, euros and US dollars”, - said  Donatas Savickas, the Head of Finance and Credit Division of Šiaulių bankas.

Since June this year Šiaulių bankas has introduced a new type of deposit - Child’s Deposit. Interest paid for this type of deposit is one of the biggest annual interest paid in the bank currently. The annual rate of the Child’s Deposit interest reaches 7.1 percent in litas, 6.2 per cent - in euros and 5 per cent  - in USD.  Interest which is higher than mentioned may be paid only to those depositors who place time deposits with the variable interest rate for four or five-year period - then it would comprise 7.2 per cent and 7.3 per cent relatively.

Interest paid for one-year time deposits in litas Šiaulių bankas pays 6.8 per cent, in euros - 5.9 per cent and in US dollars - 4.7 per cent.

The depositors of Šiaulių bankas may receive by 0.1 per cent higher interest placing deposits via the Internet on “SB linija”, and by 0.2 per cent higher annual interest is paid acquiring “Visa Electron” or “Maestro” payment card.