Šiaulių bankas’ development is stimulated by the demanding clients


The mid-winter has been again very intensive to Šiaulių bankas in terms of geographical expansion and housewarming marathon. This week a new outlet of Šiaulių bankas has started operating in the very center of Vilnius on the crossing of Pilies and Skapo Streets. A little bit earlier, i.e. a few months ago, Sėlių Client Service Center has opened the door in Žvėryno residential area the formal opening of which will also take place this week. The representation of Vilnius of the bank’s subsidiary “Šiaulių banko lizingas” has also moved from Šeimyniškių Street to Žvėrynas.

The number of Šiaulių bankas’ clients is rapidly growing in the capital city. Currently, the bank is able to offer its services to the much wider flow of them. In the client service centers, which are more modern and have visually changed, the clients may open their bank accounts, acquire payment cards, place deposits, receive credits, sign pension accumulation agreements, consult with the competent specialists in the fields of lending, investing, saving, family finance management and other important issues.

“We are happy to see that our clients become more and more demanding as it is really stimulating the pace of our development. This year we are planning to open a few outlets more and to walk along Lithuania offering even more financial services of high quality. We are growing rapidly and successfully as our experience allows us working according to the tested business model, we have a professional team, look for nonstandard ideas and implement them and we are servicing our clients in responsible and flexible manner,” - says the Chairman of the Board of Šiaulių bankas Algirdas Butkus.

Šiaulių bankas, which has already been sixteen years in operation, opening the new outlets is modernizing new ones as well - updating interiors, correcting client-servicing principals and implementing up-to-date design solutions. According to the bank’s CEO it is invested in the intensive development of network not only in the biggest cities of the country but in the regions as well. Last year Šiaulių bankas opened three new client service centers in Vilnius, Zarasai and Šiauliai. Pilies Client Service Center that has started operating this week is the eighth client service center in Vilnius.

“The newest bank’s outlet has been opened in the very center of the town with the constantly whirling life, working enterprises, hotels and trading places. Therefore, we suppose that a convenient place to handle the financial issues should be appreciated by both individual and corporate customers as well as by the city’s guests,” - says the Head of Vilniaus branch of Šiaulių bankas Vytautas Galvelė. He is fair  saying that the bank is further to expand in Vilnius and at the nearest time a new outlet will be opened in Pilaitės residential area.

At the moment more than half a thousand employees work in the network of Šiaulių bankas and its subsidiaries. Last year the bank established more than several tens of working places and it is planned to employ even more people this year.