Šiaulių bankas’ debit payment cards nominated as the best


Šiaulių bankas’ payment cards are reaping their laurels in the debit payment card rating which for the first time has been by the magazine “Veidas”. Organized Even two payment cards issued by the bank, i.e. “Visa Electron” and “Maestro” have taken the first places.

The magazine “Veidas” has assessed debit and credit cards offered by the nine Lithuanian commercial banks according to the chosen criteria. The best debit card “Visa Electron” in the Lithuanian market is offered by Šiaulių bankas. The following benefits of this payment card have been highlighted in the research: small fees, a long validity term - four years and wide cash withdrawal limits. “Maestro” payment card that is also issued by Šiaulių bankas has taken the second place and collected a little bit less points only due to its shorter validity period.

The magazine’s experts have evaluated debit cards according to the eight criteria: annual fee, renewal fee, validity term, change fee (in case a card has been lost or damaged), a limit for free cash withdrawal per month, cash withdrawal fees in ATMs of various banks in Lithuania and abroad as well as cash withdrawal limit per day. All in all, 19 debit payment cards have been evaluated.