Šiaulių bankas’ clients donated thousands of LTL for good works in the last year


Šiaulių bankas’ branches in cooperation with Geros valios projektai VšĮ installed sacrificial boxes and over half the bank's clients already donated EUR 1270 euros (LTL 4388). The collected funds will be used for the social initiatives sheltered by Geros valios projektai VšĮ.

“We are rich in so far as we help others, as much as ourselves contribute to the welfare of others. Sacrifice boxes in bank branches is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to contribute to good works, whether a few cents or banknotes,  as much as you can, in order that not walls but bridges were built between the people,” says Daiva Grikšienė, Šiaulių bankas Marketing and Communication Department Director .

Portal www.aukok.lt founder and leader Inga Langaitė welcomes the established co-operation with the bank: “We are grateful to Šiaulių bankas, which helps us to collect cash support. This co-operation helps to unite, to make public a number of support initiatives, to ensure continuity of operation of the first in Lithuania sacrificial portal, which over the past year  have collected more than EUR 387 thousand (LTL 1.33 million) for various social projects.”

Within five years of its operation, the sacrificial portal Aukok.lt helped to implement more than 120 support projects. In all the branches of Šiaulių bankas we invite you further donating according to your abilities for good works, disadvantaged or sick people, to help public organizations to raise funds for realization of their social projects, and thus promote community spirit.

If your still find LTL coins or banknotes remaining in your wallets, saving boxes, drawers or even in your pockets or if you choose to donate EUR, you can shoot them with confidence to the donation boxes installed in Šiaulių bankas’ branches, helping those who need the support most.

Co-operation between Šiaulių bankas and Geros valios projektai VšĮ began in November 2013, when the bank's customers through online banking system SB linija were granted the opportunity in just a few seconds through portal Aukok.lt to donate the desired amount of money to a selected one or more projects. Continuing cooperation, in July 2014, donation boxes were installed in 66 Šiaulių bankas branches spread all over Lithuania.