Šiaulių bankas’ Christmas Campaign – deposits relieving the burden of taxation


Šiaulių bankas has started its Christmas Campaign which is going to last for two months - until the end of January next year.

All the clients who will place a deposit with Šiaulių bankas from the beginning of December until the end of January will be able to settle their usual utility bills  - for the used hot and cold water, sanitation, heating, electricity and gas - free of charge for three-months or even six-months period.

Providing a deposit amount exceeds LTL 10 000, Šiaulių bankas will not apply a fee set for utility bill settlement. In case a deposit exceeds LTL 20 000, the client will not have to pay this fee for the whole six-month period.

The clients placing or extending the deposit with Šiaulių bankas during the campaign will be granted a coupon with its validity term as well as deposit’s maturity. Therefore, even when the campaign is over the depositors wishing to settle their utility bills under the campaign terms will be able to do so by submitting a valid coupon together with the payment books.

Those who shall place deposits via the bank’s service system via the Internet “SB linija” will be entitle to 0.2 per cent higher interest than it is indicated on the bank’s interest table.
Leave the Christmas stocking to Santa Claus. Visit Šiaulių bankas to increase your savings and to relieve the burden of taxation!