Šiaulių bankas‘ activity results for Ist quarter of 2010


Šiaulių bankas, reviewing the quality of the existing loan portfolio; within January-March this year formed LTL 8.96 million special provisions, which influenced the loss of the Bank amounting LTL 6.9 million over the first quarter.

According to the unaudited data Šiaulių bankas‘ Group incurred LTL 8.13 million in loss over the first quarter of 2010.

Šiaulių bankas’ assets increased by 3.17 per cent (LTL 65.4 million) since the beginning of the year. The loan portfolio decreased by LTL 22.4 million (1.39 per cent) over the first quarter, while the deposit portfolio increased by LTL 62.5 million (4 per cent) during this period.

Net interest income during three months of this year comparing to the fourth quarter of 2009 decreased by LTL 1.4 million (23.3 per cent). By evaluating particular months of the first quarter, the improvement of situation is observed: net interest income reached LTL 1.2 million in January, LTL 1.4 million in February and already LTL 2.1 million in March