Šiauliai city mayor cashed out the first euros in Šiaulių bankas’ ATM


The 1st of January, 2015, is the historically important day for Lithuania, when the daily seen and used LTL was changed to EUR, wider opening the doors to Europe. Šiauliai city mayor Justinas Sartauskas cashed out his first euros in 10 and 50 bills in the ATM near Šiaulių bankas headquarters.

"Tonight we saw a solemn ceremony of cashing out the first 10 euros. However, in Lithuania, and of course in Šiauliai, you can withdraw larger denominations of euro banknotes, I really wanted to see and enjoy," said Šiauliai city mayor Justinas Sartauskas, who decided to cash out higher amount.

When asked why Šiauliai city mayor chose to withdraw his first euros in Šiaulių bankas, he replied that it was the only bank in Lithuania, whose headquarters are outside the capital.

"The city is proud. And I think that it gives businesses a lot of possibilities: faster decision-making, more efficient and more objective assessment of the situation in unusual cases, many issues can be resolved on the spot", said J. Sartauskas.

Šiaulių bankas board member, head of information technology service Jonas Bartkus who participated in the solemn EUR cashing ceremony said that he already had cashed his first euros. "I am delighted that we have the euro, and are one of the 19 countries that use the single European currency. European Union is a strong family, we have to be proud that we are in it."

Asked to assess Šiaulių bankas systems’ adaptation processes to work with the euro, J. Bartkus said that LTL conversion into euros work went smoothly, being the result of a large and lengthy preparation.

“Introduction of the Euro is a planned process, we were preparing for a whole year. The work was difficult, but still not over. This afternoon we started to serve the first customers, we hope that there will be no problems, and things will continue as planned," said Jonas Bartkus.

The first euros also were solemnly cashed out from ATM in Vilnius, Gediminas Avenue, belonging to the total network, which includes Šiaulių bankas. Symbolic ceremony was attended by representatives of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian Governments and banks, politicians, media and others.