Services for pensioners


The exceptional conditions are applied for pensioners receiving their old-age pension from State Social Insurance on the bank account or payment card of Šiaulių bankas:

  • cash withdrawal of pensions, allowances, credit interest and other funds in all the outlets and ATMs of Šiaulių bankas is fee of charge;
  • lower charges for the utility fees and other payments - only LTL 0.70 paying with the payment card or transferring the funds from the bank account;
  • by 0.10 per cent higher annual interest for time deposits;
  • an administration fee is not applied to old-age pensions transferred to the client’s account;
  • Visa Electron or Maestro payment cards are issued free of charge. The annual card servicing fee is not applied;

All the mentioned conditions are applied to both new and existing clients, whose old-age pensions are transferred to Šiaulių bankas’ account or to Šiaulių bankas’ payment card.

You can deliver the applications to State Social Insurance regarding the transfer of old-age pension on the bank account or payment card of Šiaulių bankas in each outlet of Šiaulių bankas.