Services for farmers


Sets of bank services for farmers “Ūkiškai” and “Ūkiškai PLIUS”

Šiaulių bankas has a special offer for farmers – with a set of bank services “Ūkiškai” or “Ūkiškai PLIUS”, the handling of your financial affairs will not only be simpler, faster and more cost-efficient but you will also have a chance to insure against accidents.

Terms and conditions of services


“Ūkiškai PLIUS”

Monthly fee for bank services (the fee includes the following bank services):

7 LTL/month

9 LTL/month

1. Submission of payment orders in litas using SB linija (unlimited number):

    1.1.  from the client’s account into the accounts of other clients of Šiaulių bankas;

    1.2.   from the client’s account into other banks registered in Lithuania – standard.

2. The client is insured against accidents:

    2.1.   up to LTL 15,000;

    2.2.   up to LTL 20,000;

3. 0.5% annual interest is paid on a credit balance of the payment card account.

4. Throughout the period of the offer one payment card is issued and serviced free of charge (by choice):

    4.1.   debit card Visa Electron or Maestro;

    4.2.   credit card Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard.

5. Credit limit is provided free of charge.

Information to the insured

In the event of a bodily injury (trauma) or death of the insured resulting from the accident, the insured or the beneficiary shall:

1. notify PZU Lietuva UAB DK of the insured event and its circumstances in writing within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the insured event or within 30 (thirty) calendar days of completion of the treatment.

2. submit the following documents to PZU Lietuva UAB DK:

  • Standard insurance claim form;
  • personal identification document;
  • documents providing evidence to the insured event, its circumstances and a right to the insurance benefit in the state language: documents from a healthcare institution (including a confirmed diagnosis, anamnesis, description of tests and treatment applied), death certificate or its copy certified by a notary public, certificate of the insured event if executed in a workplace or at the police, court judgements and other documents certifying the insured event and its circumstances;
  • Certificate of the accident at work, accident on the way to or from work in case the accident occurred at work, on the way to or from work.

PZU Lietuva UAB DK Department of Damages

(on business days: Monday through Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00; Friday from 8:00 to 15:45) 
Phone: (8 5) 265 3436; Fax:  (8 5) 249 0923;
e-mail:  Address: Eigulių str. 21, Vilnius

In case an accident occurred and you are unsure what to do, call PZU Lietuva UAB DK at 19019. 

Claim for Damages
Description of the Terms and Conditions
The Insured’s Guide
Rules of Insurance against Accidents

Dear farmers, with Šiaulių bankas, you will get favourable terms and conditions in any weather all year round!