Residents are welcome to take time to change the litas to euro


During the first five days of January, when euro became the country's official currency, Šiaulių bankas’ branches were visited by almost 28 thousand of customers who wanted to exchange litas to euro for free. Since the beginning of the New Year Šiaulių bankas’ branches accepted from the residents more than LTL 88 million and the amount paid in euros is over 25 million.

Šiaulių bankas’ customers during the first days of the year cashed out from ATMs almost EUR 2 million. According to statistics, the bank's customers were using payment cards more often than cashed out from ATMs: amount of the payments for goods and services using the payment cards more than twice exceeded the amount of EUR cashed out in the ATMs, number of the operations performed using cards was as well higher, by 1/5.

Please note that cash LTL in Lithuania can be used up to 15 January. If there is no need to have the cash EUR, we offer not to rush exchanging LTL into EUR but to use payment cards for everyday purchases and services and, if possible, in the period of validity of the two currencies this is the most convenient means of payment.

LTL can be exchanged for euros free in all departments of commercial banks till this year’s 30 June. Some bank branches will exchange LTL banknotes into euro till the year-end. Lietuvos bankas will exchange LTL into EUR indefinitely. Till 1 March 2015 LTL can be changed into euros free of charge in the Lithuania Post and some credit unions.

Please note that in order to exchange more than LTL 15 thousand, customers must no later than three days before notify the bank and fill out a request for money exchange. For the cash exchange operations, where the amount is equal to or greater than EUR 3000 (or equivalent in another currency), you will be asked to provide personal identification document.