Report on an essential event


Report on an essential event

1. Šiaulių bankas AB, company code 112025254, address: Tilžės St. 149, Šiauliai.

2. The report is submitted to the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, to the joint-stock company Vilnius’ Stock Exchange, to daily newspapers “Lietuvos rytas” and “Šiaulių kraštas”.

3. An agreement concerning EBRD investment in Šiaulių bankas’ AB capital was concluded on 3rd June 2005 in Vilnius under which EBRD will acquire 16.1% of the bank’s shares.

4. The report is not confidential.

5. Donatas Savickas is authorized to provide additional information about an essential event on behalf of the issuer, telephone: +370 (41) 595602.

Deputy Chairman of the Board
Donatas Savickas