Relevant information regarding adoption of the Euro in Latvia


Dear Clients,

Please be informed that regarding the switchover of the Latvian national currency into the Euro (EUR) since 01 January 2014, Šiaulių bankas will accept payment orders in latas (LVL) only until 30 December 2013 with the latest valuation date falling on 30 December 2013. The payment order submitted after 30 December 2013 shall not be executed.

Since 23 December 2013 Šiaulių bankas shall not accept the Latvian latas in cash - from the above mentioned date the clients will not be able to sell latas in cash or place them into the bank account with Šiaulių bankas.

After 01 January 2014 the funds in LVL currency kept on the clients’ accounts will be converted into EUR transferring them into the current or new account in EUR opened during the process of conversion leaving the same number of the account and closing the account in LVL in January 2014.

In case of any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Client Information Centre of Šiaulių bankas at 1813 or via the email