Regarding transactions concluded by managers of the bank


Report on the stock event

1. Šiaulių bankas AB, enterprise code 112025254, the address Tilžės st. 149, Šiauliai.

2. This report is submitted to the Securities Commission of the Republic of Lithuania, to Vilnius Stock Exchange AB and to the daily newspapers “Lietuvos rytas” and “Šiaulių kraštas”.

3. Šiaulių bankas AB publicly denies the fact that recently frequent transactions with the bank’s shares concluded by managers of the bank are in a way related to any publicly not disclosed bank’s information. The following bank’s activity trends have been declared during Šiaulių bankas’ presentation to investors in the meeting organized by Vilnius Stock Exchange, they have included the capital strengthening, investments into the financial institution operating abroad, development of the bank’s network in Lithuania, intensive collaboration with foreign banks seeking to attract funding resources as well as expansion of the banking product range. These are the trends, however, not the particular decisions. At the moment the bank's bodies have not made any particular not publicly disclosed decisions regarding neither to the investment into the foreign financial institution nor to the implementation of other activity trends.

4. The report is not confidential.

5. Director of Treasury Pranas Gedgaudas is authorized by the issuer to provide additional information on the stock event and is available on tel.: +370 41 595653


Deputy Chief Executive Officer Donatas Savickas