Regarding the second shares dissemination stage




1. Šiaulių bankas AB, company code 112025254, address: Tilžės st.149, Šiauliai.

2. This report is submitted to Lithuanian Securities Commission, Vilnius Stock Exchange, to the daily newspapers “Lietuvos rytas” and “Šiaulių kraštas”.

3. Exercising the pre-emptive right on the first dissemination stage the shareholders have subscribed and paid 8,729,258 shares. So for the second stage 1,270,742 shares are left
On 22nd Dec 2005 Labour Code of LR with supplemented article 162(1) came in force. So the terms of the second dissemination stage are changing:
Stage II - from 23rd Dec. 2005 to 9th Jan. 2006  - the dissemination of the rest of the shares to persons who owned bank shares on 23 Sep. 2005 according to their applications in proportion to the number of shares owned on the Meeting day. This stage is going to be divided into four sub-stages:
1) from 23rd Dec. to 28th Dec. 2005 – admission of applications;
2) from 29th Dec. to 3rd Jan. 2006 – allocation of shares to the applicants and signing of Share Subscription Agreements;
3) from 4th Jan. 2006 to 6th Jan. 2006 – payment of the subscribed shares;
4) 9th Jan. 2006 – subscription and payment of not subscribed or subscribed but unpaid shares.

4. Report is not confidential.

5. Pranas Gedgaudas is authorized to provide additional information about an essential event on behalf of the issuer, phone +37041 595653.

Deputy Head of the Bank       
Donatas Savickas