Regarding bank and payment card account statements from 1 February 2017


Dear Clients,

We kindly remind that from 1 February 2017 account statements are not e-mailed to the clients any longer. You will be able to form and download the statements on SB Linija only.

Wishing to form a single time statement on the screen and to down load it in PDF, ISO or EXEL formats, please select the menu item  Accounts -> Statements .

Wishing to order a periodical statements in PDF, ISO, EXCEL, or LITAS-ESIS formats, please set the statement formation frequency by clicking on Accounts ->Order of statements  -> Order a new statement. You will be able to find all ordered  statement by clicking on menu item Ordered statements.

Telephone for enquiry 1813 (calling from abroad 370 37 301 337 ).

Šiaulių Bankas