Refurbishment works planned for June


Please be informed that we are refurbishing the premises and will meet our customers at units with colourful and ergonomic interiors - we aim at making a customer visit to the bank more comfortable and cosy.

In June, two customer service points will be renewed and repair works will also take place in part of  Šiauliai Branch.

Vilniaus Pašilaičių customer service  centre (Žemynos str. 18-1A, Vilnius) will be refurbished between 6 June and 21 June.  During the time of refurbishment, You are welcome to visit the nearest Vilniaus Akropolio customer service point located on Ozo str. 25, Vilnius.

Klaipėdos Žardės customer service  point  (Taikos pr. 119, Klaipėda) is closed between 3 June and 26 June. For the time being the clients are welcome to the nearest Klaipėdos Branch  located on Taikos pr. 66, Klaipėda.

Please also be reminded that  Šiauliai Branch (on Tilžės str 149 / Vilniaus str. 193, Šiauliai) is still undergoing renovation and temporarily not servicing its  private clients. At present, private clients are directed to Centro customer service point (Vilniaus str. 167, Šiauliai).

Please accept our sincere apologies for any temporary inconveniences at our units!

Šiaulių Bankas

Šiaulių bankas