Protect your account, e-banking and card data


Dear. Clients,

Given the currently intensified attempts to obtain confidential information (account information, e-banking or payment card passwords) of bank customers, please be noted that you have to protect your information: not to divulge it to anyone.

Confidential data is often attempted to obtain by e-mails from fake e-mail accounts. Such letters usually:

  • Are written not smoothly in irregular Lithuanian language
  • With grammatical errors and incorrectly portrayed Lithuanian alphabet
  • Have a link to a fake e-banking system website.

Please be vigilant: if you receive by e-mail or via other channels a suspicious message requesting to disclose confidential information:

  • Do not press the links
  • Do not send or enter personal, account, e-banking, card data
  • Immediately report it to the bank by e-mail: or call 1813 (+370 37301337 when calling from abroad).

When connecting to the SB linija, always, before entering your name and other data given to you by the bank, make sure that the web address is

Please note that the bank will never ask for your confidential information by above-mentioned methods.

Šiaulių bankas