Presentation of Šiaulių Bankas to the Investors


On 4 June, one of the most important traditional corporate events held for investors was hosted in Vilnius - NASDAQ Vilnius Stock Exchange organized a meeting of the heads of the listed companies. During this event companies made presentations to the existing and future investors that are interested in securities as well as to the financial analysts, representatives of financial brokerage companies, investment funds administrators, etc.

"This is a unique opportunity to present ourselves to the investors and to tell more about activities of Šiaulių Bankas emphasizing the areas where the Bank is strong and highly competitive", - said Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Vytautas Sinius.

V.Sinius looked over the most important events taking place at the bank recently including the projects carried out at the moment.  According to him, the number of the Bank's customers is growing, the Bank is particularly active in working with renovation projects, payment cards’ sales are increasing, the range of investment services is being expanded and the electronic banking systems are undergoing upgrading. V. Sinius named the transaction with Ūkio Bankas concluded in 2013 as the most ultimate event over the past few years which brought a unique experience to Šiaulių Bankas and its employees.  This year, Šiaulių Bankas is about to finish another complex transaction related to an extremely large object, i.e to the Žalgiris Stadium. While the process of acquisition of 100 percent of the shares the bank Finasta AB and financial brokerage company Finasta AB was mentioned as the latest project which Šiaulių Bankas has been intensively working on. During the presentation, the CEO highlighted a smooth process of the euro adoption, change of the Bank's logo, development of the Lithuanian brand in the financial market as well as the educed Bank's values.  This has been presented as a collective achievement as the biggest advantage of the Bank, according to Vytautas Sinius, is wise and highly qualified personnel.

The event brought together nearly 100 investors who had the opportunity to listen to the trends in the area of business and financial markets, to gain the better understanding of companies' activities, ask questions and receive answers directly from heads of business entities. Besides Šiaulių Bankas   there were other five companies listed on the stock exchange that made their presentation at the same event.  It should be admitted that the presentation of Šiaulių Bankas impressed the audience - the CEO of the Bank received the greatest number of questions.