Playing, illuminating and the most modern payment cards in Šiauliai


“Visa” Payment Card Exhibition is opened in Šiauliai - this unique exhibition being the first of this type all over Europe has already visited Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.

“Visa” payment cards issued by the seven Lithuanian banks such as DnB NORD, “Hansabankas”, “Parex”, Danske, SEB bankas, “Snoras” bank and Šiaulių bankas are exhibited there.

The newest “Visa” payment card presented at the exhibition is a “Visa Electron” payment card with insurance issued by Šiaulių bankas, which has been introduced to the market a little bit more than three months ago. Such a card is still unique in our country as the cardholders are provided with the insurance against accidents not only abroad but also all over Lithuania.

Šiaulių bankas has been disseminating payments card for eight years already. The bank started issuing “Visa” payment cards only several years ago, however, the popularity of these payment cards has caught the number of disseminated payment cards belonging to the “MasterCard” group. At the moment “Visa” payment cards comprise exactly a half of payment cards issued by Šiaulių bankas.

According to the Director of E-Banking Department Kristina Šmidtienė approximately 30 per cent issued by Šiaulių bankas is disseminated in Šiauliai town. The youngest cardholder of “Visa” payment card is 7 years old while the oldest one turned even to 101.

All in all there are more than 60 “Visa” debit, credit, hobby payment cards as well as those issued together with partners which distinguish by their design, idea, symbolism and historical value. Mini, contact-less, illuminating, playing, fabric surface and other exclusive payment cards have been brought to exhibition especially from London.

The employees of P.Višinskio Library are happy having an
opportunity to introduce the modern payment measures
and their history to the habitants of the entire region.