Operating results of Šiaulių bankas’ Group for three quarters


According to the data as of September 30th this year, the assets managed by Šiaulių bankas’ Group comprised LTL 2,2 billion and had increased by 13 per cent or LTL 248,6 million since the end of September last year.

The consolidated shareholders’ equity during the reporting period reached LTL 295,5 million and had increased by LTL 9,9 million during the year.

The loan portfolio managed by the bank’s Group was by 14 percent bigger than at the end of the third quarter last year and had comprised LTL 1.5 billion this year. During the period from the end of September last year to the end of September this year the financial lease portfolio of the bank’s subsidiary “Šiaulių banko lizingas” has increased by almost 9 per cent and reached LTL 125 million.

 According to the pre-audited data during nine months this year Šiaulių bankas’ Group earned LTL 16,3 million in net profit (the share falling to the bank is LTL 13,6 million). All the members of Šiaulių bankas’ Group have been operating profitably. More than a half of the generated profit has been earned by Šiaulių bankas. While among the subsidiaries of Šiaulių bankas the biggest growth of profit has been recorded in “Šiaulių banko investicijų valdymas” - the profit generated during three quarters this year has more than doubled comparing to the profit earned during three quarters last year.

Comparing to the same period in 2007 net interest income of Šiaulių bankas’ Group has increased by 14 per cent, net service and commission fee has increased by 5 per cent while profit from operations in securities has increased by LTL 3,1 million or 74 per cent.