One more opportunity is provided to the clients of Šiaulių bankas - they can acquire a mobile e-signature in the bank’s units too


Since the spring the clients of Šiaulių bankas are able to login to e-banking system "SB linija" using a safe and convenient mobile e-signature and, what is more, starting 14 June, 2014 they will be able to gain this mobile e-signature in the bank's customer service points.  The bank shall start rendering this service together with the public undertaking Centre of Registers and mobile connection operator "Tele2".

"More and more services are moved into cyberspace which alongside with rapidly growing demand for mobile telephones is the factors that determine the inhabitants' increasing interest in e-signature. Fostering usage of advanced technologies we have adjusted the e-service system of Šiaulių bankas to the e-signature users. Since the middle of the year the clients will b­e able to a­cquire a mobile signature in the customer service points of Šiaulių bankas. Due to the fact that the network of the bank's outlets is one of the largest in Lithuania it will be very convenient to the inhabitants, especially to those residing in small towns where there are no representative offices of „Tele2" or branches of the Centre of Registers, to try and later actively use modern technologies allowing to reach their account on the Internet ", - said Chief Executive Officer of Šiaulių bankas Vytautas Sinius.

A mobile e-signature presented by Šiaulių bankas is both  modern and safe - the digital certificates provided  by the public undertaking Centre of Registers are used for it. "An e-signature technology can change our lives even more than intelligent phones that evolved 7 years ago, - states Mindaugas Žaliukas, Head of the Centre of Certificates under the Centre of Registers. According to him the private business achieved more than public institutions. "Cooperation between the banks and telecommunication companies led to the growth of the number of e-signature users exceeding any expectations and , at the same time, made impact on the development of the e-services based on e-signature technologies", - says M. Žaliukas

It is very easy to acquire an e-signature - the client has to arrive to any customer service point of Šiaulių bankas, to provide a ­docum­ent pr­oving h­is p­erso­nal id­ent­ity an­d h­av­e a­n op­era­ting ­tele­phone. The client will receive a certified SIM card with a m­ob­ile e-signature­ func­tion (the number of the telephone will remain the same). So far, only the users of the mobile connection operator "Tele2" would be able to take advantage of the mentioned possibility.

„A mobile signature will not only save people's time but also will make life easier. We are pleased that our clients will be able to start using the service in the bank's customer service points. A mobile signature will allow using mobile banking and e-services rendered public institutions more conveniently and safer and, what is more, this service is provided free of charge", - says Mindaugas Kežionis, Head of Product Department at "Tele2"

A mob­ile sig­nature is con­venient as the client, wishing to login to e-bank­ing system or w­ishing to sig­ned th­e banking transactions, will have to enter only a mobile signature's PIN code (four digits).  In this cas­e th­e cl­ient will n­ot nee­d a pas­sw­ord c­ard or p­ass­word g­enerator a­nd he will be able to perform financial transactions anywhere at any time - all he needs is to have a mobile telephone.

After ordering an e-signature service, the Bank's clients can also conveniently sign the e-agreements and submit declarations to the State Tax Inspectorate, "Sodra" and other public institutions as well as approve other important documents in no time.

A mobile e-signature is a technology that allows safely and reliably identifying users and enables them to sign the documents by electronic means.